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Welcome to Modhani Yogurt

Yogurt that’s Herb In & Spiced Up™ for your healthy lifestyle

In your busy on-the-go lifestyle, it’s important to find products that are easy to take with you while also being healthy and delicious. Modhani products are perfect for everyone, whether you need snacks for the kids’ lunches or the perfect refreshing choice after a workout. 

Ancient spices with modern-day health caring benefits of turmeric

What makes Modhani products unique is the use of turmeric and other spices with proven health benefits. Turmeric’s warm yellow-orange colour is what lends Modhani its golden colour while creating a unique and delicious flavour. The treasure at the bottom of each Modhani Yogurt product is the fruit that is refreshing, tasty, and nutritious with no preservatives. 

Yogurts for every lifestyle

If you’re committed to natural foods for a healthier lifestyle, Modhani has what you need. Explore our natural yogurts to find your favourite flavours and start caring for your health with turmeric and Modhani Yogurt.

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